Caring and a nurturing environment are key principles to Enriched Home Care. Whether it is assistance with bathing, dressing, preparing favourite meals or running errands, we strive to enrich each client's day.

A balanced and well functioning family increases each member's ability to fight the negative effects of stress, allowing them to be healthier and more content. When one member's health decreases, that balance is disrupted and this puts strain on the health and well-being of the other family members. Our health system is not designed to assist seniors as they age and live longer. Their chronic conditions make it harder for them to live independently, as they would like, from other family members. This is where home care steps in. Home care can help restore the balance of the family by providing services that directly addresses the needs of the family caregiver and the senior.

Personalized In-Home Care Service

Making small changes that have a big impact and striving for a healthier and happier lifestyle is a key approach in creating a plan for each individual. Enriched Home Care services are performed the way we want our loved ones to be looked after.

Lisa Kelso established Enriched Home Care after working for several years in Retirement Home/Assisted Living Communities and is a family caregiver herself. She has first hand experience with what happens when family is shaken with change and challenges of failing health. Lisa understands how family balance can be restored, or even improved-upon with the assistance of a home care provider.

After an assessment is completed with the client and their family caregiver, a plan is created that is personalized to the individual receiving the care, and the caregiver. Listening carefully to likes/dislikes, personality, day schedule preferences, and any requirements to ensure optimal enriched care helps establish a comprehensive plan.

Enriched Home Care is committed to helping loved ones and create customized plans with these important factors in mind:

  • Have social interaction to decrease isolation and the pressure for family to fill this role each day, and is a factor in maintaining cognitive health.
  • Exercise including helping to reduce family balance issues and chronic conditions.
  • Eat healthier, which, among many benefits, includes fighting infections, maintaining and increasing energy, and maintaining good eyesight.
  • Taking medication, as instructed by their physician, will help with any immediate issue, but also decreases side effects and assists the doctor to know how effectively the medication is working.

Our Commitment to Compassionate Home Care

We are here to help loved ones continue living in their home by providing personalize services for assisted independent living. Compassionate care is offered to seniors as well as physically or cognitively challenged adults in the community.

At Enriched Home Care we treat each client with integrity, dignity and respect, advocating for individuals we care for and keeping open communication with primary caregivers. Lisa and her team are committed to improving the quality of life by providing superior care with a gentle touch.

Reach out today for a complimentary assessment and see how we can help get your family feeling less stressed, more content and healthier !

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